Reno Video Game Symphony

Educational non-profit open to players of all ages and skill levels.

Who we are

Video Game Music

Why video game music? What’s wrong with “classical” music? Nothing is wrong with classical music — in fact, so many video game songs find their roots in classical literature! The Symphony’s hope is not only to get younger musicians interested in playing music (we’re playing music from video games, after all!), but also to engage the gaming community in the wonderful art of making music and show the non-gaming community just what kind of beauty hides in games!


The Reno Video Game Symphony doesn’t discriminate in any way, including skill level. That’s right; everyone is welcome to join RVGS, whether you’re a professional gigging bassist or a middle school student playing trumpet in your school band! There is a place for you, and our community is ready to welcome you with open arms.


What if you don’t play music? You’re still an “everyone”! You’re welcome to join us in our endeavor to make not only Reno, but the entire West Coast, a better place! There are countless things required to make a nonprofit run, let alone an entire music program with two orchestras as well as several small ensembles, so RVGS guarantees there is something you can do to help! Simply contact us to participate!

Jazz Band

Previously known as the Incidental Orchestra, the Jazz Band is RVGS’ new jazz ensemble. Today, the Jazz Band prides itself on performing a wide range of popular video game music spanning all styles, without adhering to any sort of traditional set list. Our primary goal is to provide entertainment for both our musicians and the audience no matter what their tastes may be, so whether it’s fast and upbeat, or slow and melodic there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


The Reno Video Game Symphonic Orchestra is the program’s largest ensemble and is open to almost any instrument willing to play. The ensemble plays music that focuses on playing a broad range of orchestral arrangements from video games that are both mainstream and hidden gems. The Orchestra plays more traditional pieces when compared to the Jazz Band, chosen to display and highlight the many beautiful pieces of music found in video games.


The newest ensemble at RVGS, the RVGS Choir is a non-auditioned community choir that performs video game music and welcomes singers of all experience levels and backgrounds, especially queer/trans singers who are looking to find their voice. The choir performs both as a supplement to the RVGS Orchestra as well as a standalone ensemble. Members will learn to sing as a group, with opportunities to solo, and perform a cappella and with accompaniment.

Symberly Schuler

Symberly Schuler is a founding member of RVGS. Her primary instrument is clarinet but has experience on Bass Clarinet, Contra Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, and Tenor Sax. Often she can be found at conventions playing instruments in her fursuit as Primrose the Deer.

Brandon Harnish – Director

Brandon Harnish is an arranger/orchestrator, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and serves as the current orchestra conductor and choral director at RVGS. Best known for founding Virtual Video Game Orchestra, Brandon has arranged for and performed with several community orchestras that perform game music around the United States.

Emerson White – President

Founding member of the Reno Video Game Symphony and current President of RVGS. Plays percussion in various music groups in the area.

William Caglia – Director

Musical director of the Reno Video Game Jazz Band, a “big band” that features music from various video games. Will also serves as the RVGS webmaster, and plays percussion and piano with other local groups.